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Adventure Trail Topper (PRE-ORDER PRICE)

Adventure Trail Topper (PRE-ORDER PRICE)

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Ready for your next adventure? 

The Adventure Trail Topper Awning & Tailgater, a versatile accessory designed to fit all vehicle models, is your perfect companion. From compact SUVs to large pickup trucks, this marvel adapts to any vehicle. Crafted for the modern adventurer, it's your comfort and protection in the great outdoors like no other.

Featuring two height-adjustable poles, the Adventure Trail Topper, with its expansive canopy awning measuring an impressive 60" x 84" (5'x7'), offers an awning option that shields you from the scorching sun or provides solace from sudden showers; this trail topper has got you covered – literally. 

Designed durable, it comes with 4 sturdy tent stakes and 4-12 foot straps for secure grounding. These sturdy security features ensure that your trail topper stays anchored, grounded, and steadfast, offering you the confidence to enjoy the great outdoors and protect against the elements.

With our Adventure Trail Topper, your vehicle becomes the perfect escapade companion. It's all about convenience – embrace the call of the wild fully equipped- where comfort meets the great outdoors.

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(Available to Ship in July 2024)

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